From my teen journal — subject: the cutest guy

I wrote this oh so long ago when life was simple and I knew everything.

The Cutest Guy

Hair is wavy, blonde, baby soft

Eyes are true blue, kindly, friendly not forward

Lips are satin, full, tasty

Upper lip is crowned with a thick, well-groomed mustache

Chin is solid — revealing inner strength

Face is rough. His life wasn’t a clear sail. Yet, he always has a ready smile.

Body type:  He is well-built, muscular not muscle bond. You have the feeling that he could carry the problems of the world on his shoulders.

Carriage is up-right and straight. He is pleased with himself but not at other’s expense.

Clothes he could wear anything well. What he chooses to wear is a faded World War II flight jacket and much newer blue jeans. Flannel shirt — excellent for hugs.

Head space:  He sees the world with wonder — the eyes of an artist. He has a undestructable joy. Women circle him like bees to honey or moths to light. He views them as people not things.

Humour is his weapon when life becomes unfair.

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