Antique Sex Toys

Sometimes research is so much fun. My current work in progress takes places — in part — during the late 1950s and early 1960s. I one seen the hero introduces the heroine to joys of the vibrator.

Did they have vibrators in the 60s? What did they look like?

These were my questions and thanks to the Internet I found some answers.

Wow, eh, not only did they have vibrators in the 60s but as far back as the 1900s. And did you take a peek at the Chinese sex toy that dates back to 1700.  Fascinating.

I do enjoy my work. : )

What about the dildo? you ask.

I answer, read this

The article informs us that rubber and silicone dildos didn’t emerge until the 1960s and 1970s. So my next question is what were they made of before then? Metal, wood, leather, camel dung? I hope to under this and other information. I’ll report back.

Well, it seems the pool of information has run dry. If you can help me answer this question I would be very grateful. In fact one could say you would be saving grace. Um, er, did I say I was a comedian? ; )

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2 Responses to Antique Sex Toys

  1. What a marvellous article. thanks a million.

  2. You’re most welcome. I’m happy that you enjoyed it. : )

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