Confessions of a Blabbermouth

Okay, I must confess I’m a blabbermouth. Don’t worry I won’t talk about you. I’m not a gossip. My topic is me.

“I’m so excited. I have to tell you. Not only that but wait until I tell you this.” That’s me talking.

People listen — bless them.

As a fault being a me-centred  blabbermouth isn’t that bad. I mean there are worse things I could be doing. I don’t think I’ll burn in hell for it or anything.

Everything would be okay. I could live with my fault. Except that I’m an author.

Blabbing on and on in great detail about my book before it’s published would spoil everything. The worse result may be that you won’t buy the book. I mean what’s the point you’d know the plot.

I want you to buy Untouched Places. It’s a very good read. You’ll really enjoy it.

So, how do I handle this dilemma? What do I say? What don’t I say? I have to say something and soon. Come back and see how I handle this dilemma. If you have advice, please share.

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