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As I have mentioned before Grace Meadows is my pen name. So you may be wondering what is my real name? 

“Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Leanne Dyck. Please visit me at” 

I’m so glad that I discovered the Grace Meadows that lurks within me. Already she has helped me accomplish things that I never could have as Leanne. 

The difference between Leanne and Grace is profound. Grace is sensual and sexy. She thrills at writing erotica. Leanne…well…she doesn’t. Here is an example of how racy Leanne gets… 

Time Together 


Male meets female – the air drips with estrogen and testosterone. The chemical mixture ignites. Nothing exists but passion. 

His muscles flex with each movement. Hot steamy sweat collects on his brow. In and out, his movements excite her. 

“That’s right! Very good! Now…oh, that’s right in there…very good.” 

Encouraged by her words he continues. “This is rather tricky.” 

“It does get easier,” she promises. “With time the stitches will slip off your needles. You really are a natural.” 

“Should be, after watching you for years.” He grins. 

He knows how to make love to a knitter.  


The seeds of my new entity were planted but I had feet to grow. I did the work, I have grown and I’m thrilled to offer you this opportunity to read my new erotic short story ANIMAL. 


To receive a copy please email: 

All I ask is that if you enjoy your read that you consider writing a short review.

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