A review of Animal

I read it! You have a wonderful way of incorporating the setting with the thoughts of the character. Lovely details in the snow and serenity contrasting with the dead animals on his back. The wolf scene where he carried her was scary, I was afraid she’d bit his head off! Wasn’t sure where you were going with the almost dead wolf, but when you finally got to the erotic part, I wanted more. Wished you could have elaborated a bit on the sex.

Thank you so much, Maria, for this review. Visit Maria’s blog:  http://mariadeangelis.wordpress.com

My talented editor and I have worked together to spice up my writing to very positive effect. Untouched Places, which will be published by Decadent Publishing on August 1st, ranges in heat from the simmering to the ever so hot.  All My Sisters begins with a orgie and builds.

Dear Readers,

Your copy of Animal is waiting.


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2 Responses to A review of Animal

  1. Rhonda Forrester says:

    Just read Animal!
    Not being a reader of either flash fiction or paranormal I truly did not know what to expect. Imagine my surprise and shock!
    I might be on to something new here…
    I was totally taken in by the opening scence, very visual description, felt like I was beside the trapper.
    When the trapper discovered the wolf missing I was not prepared for her return in human form with ‘Animal’ sex on her mind. You got me. I was intriqued, so much so, I too wished for an additional few lines at the end.

    Very good


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