It happens sometimes

So I’m working on a new erotic short story. It takes place in the 1950s. I’m almost finished. In fact, up until yesterday, I thought I had two scenes left. I wrote one scene read it over and it was a keeper. Doing the math that meant I had one scene left. Yes? Well, no. I read the story and realized that I had to write another scene. You see I had done too much telling and not enough showing. I don’t know why I’m in such a big hurry any way. Slow and steady is much better than rushing. I’ve been working on this scene and it’s really coming along nicely. It was easy to write and it flows. I had to do a little bit of research. I had to find some handsome men of the 1950s. I know poor me.

This site really helped:

I choose Paul Newman and Cary Grant. I’m a big fan of Cary Grant. I don’t know what it is — his looks, his attitude, his accent — something. I added a touch of Dean Martin to my guy — even though he didn’t make the list. Why didn’t he make Michael’s Movie Mania list? I think it was because Dean was considered a singer not an actor. Even though I have seen him in some movies  — westerns and comedies. Charming and sophisticated — those are the assets I fall for. You?

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