Synopsis for Animal

Animal is a paranormal erotic flash fiction story that explores the close connection between that which is animal and that which is human.

In the northern woods a trapper walks his trap line. He sees a trail of blood, follows it and finds her — a wolf bitch. Wolves are sacred to him, he feels a storm approaching,  he knows he can’t leave her there. So he brings her back to his cabin and then things get HOT.

Your copy waits. Leave a message with your email address and it’s yours.

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6 Responses to Synopsis for Animal

  1. Far be it from me to turn down a free story! 🙂 Looking forward to reading your work…

  2. That sounds like an exciting story, can’t wait to read it.

  3. Marialina says:

    I read it! You have a wonderful way of incorporating the setting with the thoughts of the character. Lovely details in the snow and serenity contrasting with the dead animals on his back. The wolf scene where he carried her was scary, I was afraid she’d bit his head off! Wasn’t sure where you were going with the almost dead wolf, but when you finally got to the erotic part, I wanted more. Wished you could have elaborated a bit on the sex.

    • Thank you so much, Maria, for your review. Glad you enjoyed your read. Ah, you want a me to elaborate on the sex. Oh, yes, with the help of my editor I have been working on that both in Untouched Places and All My Sisters. Untouched Places will be released on August 1st. All My Sisters will be released at the end of August. If you want tons of sex I would highly recommend All My Sisters. It starts with an orgie and then builds. Tons of fun to write.

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