Found: Maynely A Mystery out takes

As it turns out, what is too much for Leanne is rather tame for Grace.

The last chapter of Maynely A Mystery is a scene between two men. One of the men is a business-type, the other is an artist-type. The artist-type guy’s nickname is Dirty Teddy. I had to censor Teddy.

Here is Dirty Teddy in the raw.

“It was hard to separate them out. All I saw was a cluster of beautiful woman. I was blind to individual beauty. My eyes swam among the young tits and butts — young, tender flesh. Then, man, then I saw her — this exotic beauty. Everything about her was perfect — flowing raven hair and she was built. I mean built.

I couldn’t help myself I began to fantasies about her legs wrapped around my back. She was just too beautiful.

When she began to talk about that piece of land, my ears perked up to match my dick. I dreamed about two-somes, three-somes, four-somes. Just me, her and some of her girlfriends on that secluded parcel of land. Sweet dreams, man.

Someone gets up to get a beer or take a piss I move to their chair. Carefully, slowly I inch closer and closer to her. Finally my hairy legs brush against her silky smooth skin. My eyes feast on her curves. I see her cleavage. I want to jump her but I can’t I have to be deceit. I can’t jump her, there, so I wait.”

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