There’s going to be a happening

Are you old enough to remember the 60s?

They say if you can you weren’t there.

I’m not old enough. No, really I’m not but there are tons of hippies or near hippies were I live. I think they’re cool. I’m a hippie-want-to-be.

Any this weekend the small island that I call home is turning back the centuries.

Nobody else may think we are but we are.

This weekend we’re having a happening.

Nobody else may call it that but I do.

Everyone else is referring to it as a Spoken word/Music festival.

Being here on this island, listening to the talent, my mind will be living in the 60s.

I’ll be participating. No, I won’t be reading erotica. It’s not that my friends don’t want me to. : ) Believe me they’d be delighted.

Anyway, this happening is in the park, they’ll be kids, so I’m reading from two of my WIPs.

I’ll be reading from Maynely Hidden. Maynely Hidden is the second book in the Maynely A Mystery series. To learn more about that book, go here

Maynely A Mystery has no sex, no offensive language and no violence. All that sex and the offensive language had to go somewhere. Luckily, I found a spot. : )

When I started working on Maynely Hidden I thought it would be another cozy mystery. The more I write, however, the more I think it will become a sweet romance.

Although, today I started thinking about one of the characters in very erotic positions. I hope he’ll behave himself.

Interestingly, if you read Maynely A Mystery, in the last chapter you meet a character that had to be seriously tamed so that he could stay in the book. I’ll have to see if I can find those out takes. You may enjoy them.

I’ll also be reading from The Sweater Curse. The Sweater Curse is a paranormal psychological thriller. I won’t be reading the gory parts of that book.

No I’ll be a nice little vanilla extract.


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