The happening happened

I apologize for being absent from this blog for a few days. My life was rather full what with being sick, the festival and all. Today I’m back but I seriously have to roll up my sleeves and set to work on my next book for Decadent Publishing. The heads my must-do list today.

I do have a treat for you waiting over on my mainstream blog — This morning I took way too much time reporting on the happening. Remember that? Well, it took place on Mayne Island…um…oh, yeah…yesterday. : )

Wish me luck with my revisions.

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2 Responses to The happening happened

  1. Grace I did read this on your mainstream blog but for some reason thought you had posted it here. So here is where I came when I found a moment in my day to reply. The festival sounds like it was a wonderful time and I am sorry to have missed it. I hope you are winning over that cold of yours.

    • Hi Terrill,
      I wish you had been able to attend as well. Oh, well, there will be other times, other places. : )
      It is a slow battle but I do believe I’m winning. Currently I’m filling a trash can with kleenex. The cough seems to be (more or less) gone.

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