Read chapter one Untouched Places

Warning:  this post contains erotica.

Something for you to read while I work on revisions for ALL MY SISTERS. ALL MY SISTERS is a paranormal erotic short story ebook soon to be published by Decadent Publishing (

Chapter One

My boyfriend Ray and I sat on the couch a cushion’s width apart. He sat on one end watching baseball — I sat on the other, my nose buried in a romance novel.

My eyes quickly slid down the page as I read.

‘How had he found her on this secluded island? She didn’t care how. It only mattered that he had. It only mattered he was there, with her.

She looked at him. Fernando — her tall, dark, handsome Latin lover. Her eyes begged him to take her. She knew he could and would satisfy her hot, hungry lust.

With one swift movement, he tore off his shirt. He kissed Amanda hard on the lips and guided her down until she lay on the soft sand. Fernando quickly buried his head under her skirt. His lips found her throbbing pussy and sucked, bringing her to climax.

“Yes, Fernando, yes, yes,” Amanda breathed as her fists beat the sand.’

Untouched Places is available from for $2. 99

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