Untouched Places chapter one continues

I felt my pussy throb as I read the scene over and over again. I wanted, needed — was hungry for — sex. I stopped reading. I looked up from my book at the Tv; it was the third inning.

I wonder who’s winning? Oh, I don’t give a shit I hate baseball.

I slipped a bookmark between the pages of my novel and placed the book on the coffee table. I ran a hand lovingly down the cover, down Fernando’s muscular chest.

I love romances. I wish I lived in a romance novel.

I looked at Ray. My eyes said I need you. He didn’t notice me.

It’s not his fault, I told myself. He works hard to build a future for us. Ray just needs time to relax, and besides, he loves baseball.

What’s important is we’re finally at home, alone, together.


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