Untouched Places chapter one continues

Erotic content

Chapter One (continues)

Just then our kitten Princess strolled across the carpet and jumped on Ray’s lap.

As I watched Ray rub her tummy I grew more and more jealous. Yeah, I was jealous of a kitten. I know how pathetic that sounds but I can’t help it.

I miss what we once had.

Ray and I met at work — he was my boss. I knew he wanted me the first day I rode in his car. He looked at me like a hungry wolf. That day he drove me to his place — the penthouse suite we’ve shared for a couple years now. He unlocked the door to his apartment; I walked in. He shoved me against the wall. I felt his hot breath on my neck as his fingertips worked at adeptly removing my clothes. He worked quickly; soon I only wore a black lace bra and pink silk panties. I pushed down my panties as he unzipped. He cupped his hands under my butt, until supported by the wall, I sat level to his swollen cock. He slipped inside and we groaned in mutual satisfaction.

That’s, that’s what I missed. That’s what I needed. I wondered why he wasn’t that hungry for me any more. What had happened? Was he under too much stress because of work? Did he need a little blue pill? Had I done something wrong?

I moved closer, brushed my breasts against his arm and purred, “There’s more than one pussy that craves your attention.”

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