Untouched Places — more of chapter one

Untouched Places is a paranormal erotic novella

Chapter One (continued)

‘Frustrated, I consoled myself by daydreaming about our future.

Everything would be so much better once he sold this stupid condo.

He’ll kneel and say, “Will you –” and before he can finished the sentence or produce a ring, I’ll cry, “Yes”. Our wedding will be in some hot, exotic locaton.

I can’t wait to shop for my wedding dress. My best friend Beth will help me pick the perfect one. She has such good taste.

Then Ray and I will go house shopping in the suburbs. It won’t take us long to find the perfect home. It’ll be a two story brick Victorian with a wrap around porch. We’ll fill it with children. I’ll fill it with delicious aromas from my kitchen. I’ll make Vinarterta every Christmas like my mother and my grandmother did.

Of course, Ray will still have to go on business trips but he’ll cut them short. He’ll miss us; he’ll miss me too much.

His taxi will arrive early in the morning just as the sun is rising. He’ll rush up the stairs to the front door, throw it open and rush inside. Silently he’ll creep into each of our children’s bedrooms and kiss each forehead.

Then he’ll come to me and climb into bed, I’ll wake to his gentle but passionate kisses. Then we’ll make love.

Untouched Places is available for $2. 99 from Decadent Publishing (www.decadentpublishing.com)

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