Untouched Places — reading more of chapter one

Read more of this paranormal erotic novella.

Chapter one (continued)

Have sex with Ray — that is all I wanted. It isn’t unreasonable to want to have sex with someone you love.

This thought prompted me to again. I moved even closer to him and brushed my hand over his hair. It was so soft.

“Are you deaf? I said later,” Ray growled.

“But it’s just a commercial. How can you pat Princess but not give me any attention at all? Don’t you know how much I love you? All I want, all I want is a little of your time. How can you give Princess so much, yet give me nothing at all?”

“I still love Princess.”

His words cut my heart, I could feel the blood flowing out of my body. It left me feeling weak, dizzy.

Maybe I didn’t hear him right?

“What did you say, darling?” I asked.

He turned his head, looked me in the eye, and said in a controlled, emotionless voice, “I said I don’t love you anymore.”

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