Excuses — do you make them?

“I can’t write today because I must pave the driveway.”

Does that sound like you? Or like some one you know?

Read this post…


You’re not alone. Rachel and I confession all.

Okay, well, not all but at least some. : )

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2 Responses to Excuses — do you make them?

  1. Thanks for the post Grace. It helps to get the excuses out of the way so we can back to the art we love.

    • You know, I wonder if that’s it. I wonder if the reason we have trouble making time for writing is because we love it so much. (I heard someone say — maybe Oprah — that) As women, we are conditioned to put our needs last. There for if we enjoy doing something surely there must be something else we should be doing instead. Does that make sense to you? Or did I lose something in the translation?

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