Untouched Places — continued (08/23/10)

Paranormal Erotica

Chapter one (continued)

His words cut my heart. I could feel the blood flowing out of my body. It left me feeling weak, dizzy.

Maybe I didn’t hear him right?

“What did you say, darling?” I asked.

He turned his head, looked me in the eye, and said in a controlled emotionless voice, “I said I don’t love you anymore.”

Untouched Places available from Decadent Publishing (www.decadentpublishing.com)

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2 Responses to Untouched Places — continued (08/23/10)

  1. Wow, what a great hook. I can’t wait to check this story out! I’m almost in tears for the heroine. Thanks for the excerpt.

  2. Thank you so much Rachel for dropping by. So glad you enjoyed the read — more to come. : )

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