Look what I just found

Writing a series intrigues me. I wasn’t sure how you did it though. I thought you wrote one story, published it and then started all over again with book two.

There is a better way. Read this…


At least it sounds like a better way to me. You?

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2 Responses to Look what I just found

  1. Robert Roman says:

    It’s novel, I’ll give it that. If it works for Sascha, there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t work for you. One thing though, as I noted in my comment on Sascha’s post. It depends on pacing. In order to break a story up like that, the pacing must be right.

    Of course, if your natural pacing works for it, it does sound like it would be a heck of a lot less bother, with a lot more effect per effort.

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