What is a Huldufolk

In Untouched Places, you will meet a paranormal entity from Iceland that is more igmatic than a shapeshifter and sexier than a vampire

The legend of the Huldufolk 

Adam and Eve went forth and multiplied.

God told Eve, “I would like to visit your family. Meet your children. I will drop by on Wednesday.”

It wasn’t a request, it was a demand. So, Eve tried to get her children all washed and ready to meet God. However, as all housewifes are she was very busy. She was busy and some of her children weren’t cooperative. So, as a result, she only able to get half of her children washed before she heard God say, “Hi, Eve I’m here.”

Well, what is a mother to do. She couldn’t let God see her unwashed children. So, she said –to the unwashed –you go hide. To the rest, she said, “Go meet God.”

They did as she said and God was very pleased. The children were well-behaved and intelligent.

Then, God said, “Eve, are these all your children?”

Eve said, “Oh, yes, of course.”

God said, “Are you sure?”

Eve said, “Well, no, actually I do have more but I they’re aren’t fit for you to see.”

God said, “If these children aren’t fit for me to see. Then no one will see them.”

The unwashed children became Huldufolk.

More on the legend of the Huldufolk in future blogs.

Untouched Places is available from Decadent Publishing (www.decadentpublishing.com)

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