Meet Ull, my sexy Huldufolk

As a fiction writer, I’m very fortunate. I’m able to build my own reality. This reality may be influenced by facts but not limited by it. In developing Ull, I was able to gleam what I liked from the Icelandic legend.

So who is this Icelandic entity that is more enigmatic than a shapeshifter and sexier than a vampire?

Is Ull romantic?

Oh, yes, in words and in action.

When he falls in love with Alisa he leaves all he knows to be with her. His only concern is for her safety, for her health.

Is he cute? Smart?

As a Huldufolk, Ull is superior to a human male in appearance and intellect.

He does sound like the perfect man.

He is.

However, developing a relationship with him does have its challenges. For you see, he is invincible to all but those with second-sight. 

Though Huldufolk are kin to humanity, they are unlike us in other respects beyond those mentioned earlier. Humanity has used nature for its own gain. Contrarily, Huldufolk seek to protect nature at all costs. They act with single-minded passion in romance and in duty.

Would you like to meet Ull?


Untouched Places by Grace Meadows

Available from…

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