Huldufolk –internet search

I first learned of the Huldufolk at my Afi’s (Grandpa’s) knee.

Later, in my twenties, I moved to an Icelandic-Canadian settlement and learned some more.

Even later, I had the good fortunate of visiting the homeland of the Huldufolk –Iceland.

Unfortunately, though, I’ve never meet one or at least not to my knowledge.

Today, I had fun touring cyberspace attempting to find verification of what I knew.

I found some web sites

In my next post, I will tell you how I wove all these yarns together to knit my own legend.

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More on the Huldufolk

Yesterday, I shared a little about the legend of the Huldufolk. The details shared were told to me by a friend. After I share all the information I collect I will show you how I shaped my own legend.

Today I will share from Nelson S. Gerrard The Icelandic Heritage

‘Huldufolk (hidden folk), also referred to as alfar (elves), were also widely believed in and taken rather seriously until recent times. One of the most unique of Iceland’s many supernatural phenomena, they can be compared only to the leprechauns of Ireland, who liek the huldufolk lived in rocky outcrops and were invisible to all but those with second sight. Huldufolk differed from their Irish cousins, however, in that they also inhabited lakes, and were not dwarfs or tiny elves, but fully human in appearance –their only distinguishing feature being the lack of a nasal septum dividing the nostrils. Undoubtedly the remnant of pagan traditions brought to Iceland in ancient times, this race of beings remained heathen in faith, at least in some stories, though they had churches and worshipped in much the same way as humans. In some respects they were a superior race, at least with regard to their powers and knowledge, but they nevertheless frequently sought human contact. Sometimes they fell in love with humans and lured them into their world, and occasionally they left their own kind to marry a human. The women of this race were known to react badly if their advances were not reciprocated by the mortal man of their choice, and various disabilities, markings, or misfortunes were attributed to such occasions. The huldufolk also showed an unusual fascination with human infants, and they were thought to abduct babies, leaving changelings in their place. Huldukonur (hidden women) were also known to call upon human midwives to help them through a difficult labour, which would be rewarded with great good fortune for the midwife, and similar good luck would result from other favours done for the huldufolk. Great care had to be not to disturb the dwelling place of these beings, however, or revenge would be sought, and on New Year’s night, which was believed to be the time that huldufolk moved from place to place, they must be made welcome if future relations were to be good. The belief in huldufolk was taken less seriously toward the end of the 19th century, but it has survived to the present time in some respects, and countless stories of the huldufolk are recorded.’

More on the huldufolk to follow…

Why not do a google search and see what you can find.

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How to write a story

Okay, confession time, sometimes I write and write and write. When I stop writing, I read and say, “This sucks!”

The problem was it just didn’t go anywhere.

Has this ever happened to you?

No, I didn’t think so.

Well, if it ever does, here’s an excellent blog

Remember:  incident, conflict, confrontation = story

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What is a Huldufolk

In Untouched Places, you will meet a paranormal entity from Iceland that is more igmatic than a shapeshifter and sexier than a vampire

The legend of the Huldufolk 

Adam and Eve went forth and multiplied.

God told Eve, “I would like to visit your family. Meet your children. I will drop by on Wednesday.”

It wasn’t a request, it was a demand. So, Eve tried to get her children all washed and ready to meet God. However, as all housewifes are she was very busy. She was busy and some of her children weren’t cooperative. So, as a result, she only able to get half of her children washed before she heard God say, “Hi, Eve I’m here.”

Well, what is a mother to do. She couldn’t let God see her unwashed children. So, she said –to the unwashed –you go hide. To the rest, she said, “Go meet God.”

They did as she said and God was very pleased. The children were well-behaved and intelligent.

Then, God said, “Eve, are these all your children?”

Eve said, “Oh, yes, of course.”

God said, “Are you sure?”

Eve said, “Well, no, actually I do have more but I they’re aren’t fit for you to see.”

God said, “If these children aren’t fit for me to see. Then no one will see them.”

The unwashed children became Huldufolk.

More on the legend of the Huldufolk in future blogs.

Untouched Places is available from Decadent Publishing (

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Look what I just found visually erotic

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New interview

Please visit:

In this interview I mention that I will start a blog-based study on Huldufolk. I plan to begin this study on Wednesday, September 22nd. Please join me.

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Untouched Places (the end of ch 1)


Chapter one (last installment)

Where do I go? Not to Beth’s  –she’s dead to me.

Maybe I could have sex with her husband. He’s rich enough to buy all the things Ray can. The only trouble is I can’t stand him. He’s bald, overweight, sweaty. He always makes laud comments. He’s such a pig.

I can’t go to Frost Hill. I can’t go back because no one goes back there unless it’s time to retire or die.

Besides, I don’t want to leave this city. I love it here. I might be down but I’m not out. All I need to find is a job and somewhere to live.

He thinks he’s hurt me, and maybe he has, but he hasn’t crushed me. I was fine before I meet him and I’ll be fine again. I will.

Untouched Places by Grace Meadows available from Decadent Publishing (

Continue reading, buy it today…

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