Writing erotica: sex — story

She fucked. He fucked. They fucked. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…

Has it lost its charm yet?

On the principal of some is good more has to be better, I thought as an emerging erotic author I thought my goal was to write about sex. Nameless, faceless, sex. I was prepared and wasn’t complaining. Then my editor pointed out that more important than sex was story.

What makes the couple’s relationship special? What challenges do they face? Why is she attracted to him? What tears them apart? What brings them together? This is my focus.

In my erotic stories, I write about the empowerment of women. What strengths does she have? What weaknesses? What lessons does she learn? What lessons does she fail to learn?

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2 Responses to Writing erotica: sex — story

  1. Sandra says:

    I swung around and dropped to my knees in front of him. Staring up at that delicious looking cock; well, I almost went down on it. I didn’t, not then; but I would, and not so many days from now either. But, for now, both Dave and I would have to suffer through with only my hands. Hey but, he sure wasn’t complaining. Poor me was conflicted; I wanted to make him cum, and I wanted to play with his big cock some more too. That’s why I asked him what Anita was up to. “Well, she’s still talking, and checking out the house real regular like. Shit Clea, your hands are magic. Hey, she’s back lying on her back with three fingers going to town on her pussy”. Meanwhile I’d been alternating slow strokes with real fast ones. I’d give him some of one, and then the other, and all while teasing his balls with my other hand. There was cum collecting where his cock’s head was split. I couldn’t resist; hey but, at least I thought about resisting. Go girl; so for the first time I flicked my tongue out over a man’s cock, and collected my little treat. My pussy was on fire, and clenching like I was about to cum myself. Maybe I did, I really don’t know for sure. I was like in a frenzy or something; and my fist was just absolutely slamming up and down Dave’s cock. I saw his balls jump; and then he was practically screaming out “Fuck, fuck, oh fuck sis, I’m going to cum”. Oh my God, I wanted to bury that thing in my mouth so bad. But, I settled for darting my mouth in close, and opening it around his cock’s head. And, I was just in time to take his first huge eruption. That one landed way back in my throat, but I got bunches more splashed right in my mouth. When he’d finally stopped spurting out that delicious stuff, I did swirl my tongue around that cock’s throbbing head. So, I had just collected the last of my first real mouthful of a man’s cum; and you damn well better believe I knew it wouldn’t be my last. Seeing Dave on his knees panting; well yeah, this girl felt like the world’s wickedest young bitch. It was the sound of the kitchen door that snapped me out of my reverie. Shit, I was still licking Dave’s cum off my lips as I intercepted Anita before she could reach the den.

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